Another hypocritical Obama moment

The do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do president, the one who wants to reduce health care costs by having the government take it over and order preventive measures which will magically make health care cheaper, has done it again. The bike riding president and some of his entourage took to the two wheelers without the minimal safety precaution--a helmet. Oh well, at least he wasn't smoking--another of his famous unhealthy vices--and listening to an iPod. But, that's right, he gave his to Queen Elizabeth.

The NY Daily News has the story and the damning picture from Reuters.

David Mozer, director of the International Bicycle Fund, a nonprofit advocacy group in Seattle, disagreed.

"Most bike accidents just happen. Bicycles up and turn over by themselves, and head injuries are a possible consequence of that," he said. "Head injures don't heal well, and they can be very expensive and life-long."

"It would be great if the President set an example," Mozer said.

Still, Mozer conceded, "It's really hard to get the girl when you're wearing a helmet - they're not real flattering."

Uh, doesn't Obama have "the girl"? Michelle? What about setting an example to his daughters? The country? And as Mozer later admits, "Lance Armstrong looks cool in his helmet." Or is being hospitalized, possibly paralyzed, "real flattering" and "cool"?

Perhaps that's why White House spokesman Bill Burton seemed mildly surprised to learn his boss was not wearing his safety gear.

"I know that he generally does wear a helmet when he rides a bicycle," Burton told reporters. "He supports the wearing of bicycle helmets."

For others? Will he be penalized by Obamacare watchdogs for not following government preventive care guidelines?