The Hero of Chappaquiddick

The Incident that saved America from a Teddy Kennedy Presidency occurred forty years ago today. As true American heroes Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins were streaking their way to the Moon on Apollo 11; the Hero of Chappaquiddick earned his (yellow) stripes by allowing the drowning of Mary Jo Kopechne.

No autopsy was performed on Ms. Kopechne's body; however there was some evidence discovered by the funeral director and presented by the District Attorney that Mary Jo suffocated in an air pocket. If confirmed this should have make Senator Kennedy's behavior that night rise to the crime of manslaughter --  but this was Massachusetts. Judge Bernard Brominski ruled against exhumation and autopsy on December 10th, 1969.

The Left's Hero gave multiple accounts of the events of that night. Thus leading one to believe that his nickname has been misspelled all these years since.

Shouldn't it read: ‘The Lyin' of the Senate'?

Once again Ms. Kopechne was unavailable for comment, in the words of James Taranto.