Tea Party Movement flexing its muscles

Considering that conservatives have been late comers to the protest game, I find this news extremely significant.

With little advance notice, Tea Party groups across the country organized counterprotests to ACORN and Moveon demonstrations in favor of Obama's health care plan.

According to this piece by Michelle Malkin , the Tea Partiers outnumbered the liberals:

Monica in North Carolina e-mailed me this afternoon: "Just fyi, we heard that moveon.org was promoting a "Public health option" rally today at 12 in front of Kay Hagan's office- D, NC. We spread the word and outnumbered them more than FOUR to ONE! We had a great time and even used some logic as we sparred with the liberals, which of course, they don't understand. Fun day nonetheless. I've attached a few pics."

You won't see these on the front page of the New York Times. But it's happening more often than you think - and it's all the more remarkable and newsworthy given that most Tea Party folks, unlike the Soros-funded astroturf protest mobsters, have full-time jobs and families:

Other conservative activists in New York took on the Moveon crowd there according to the Gathering of Eagles website:

Patriots from the Conservative Society for Action, Gathering of Eagles, Active and the 912 Group rallied in front of the offices of Senator Charles Schumer to counter the staged pro-nationalized healthcare rally planned by MoveOn.org and ACORN.

The first moonbats arrived and almost immediately called the police because they hate free speech and any opposition to their agenda.  One of their old biddies called me a racist for opposing health care for illegal immigrants.  Unfortunately for them the first amendment is still enforced in this country and the police would not interfere with our counter protest.

Things went downhill for the Soros stooges from there.  As more and more patriots arrived we outnumbered the moonbats by at least ten to one.  The video cameras and interviews were all from our folks.  The stooges were pwned!

Something is stirring in this country at the grass roots level. Sure we've seen big turnouts when an event is planned months in advance. But like the Minute Men of old, there is apparently a core group of Tea Partiers and other patriots who can be activated with little or no notice to counter the opposition - and generate more numbers and enthusiasm than the liberals.

People are wondering where the Tea Party Movement goes from here. The answer may be simply turning citizens into activists who feel strongly enough about what's happening in America that they drop everything they are doing to show support for American values and principles.

This is a new phenomenon in American politics - conservatives in great numbers turning out to protest policies they believe are ruinous to our future. Judging by what's happening around the country, their impact is just beginning to be felt.

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