Sportsmanship Wins

You just can't keep a good tennis player down--or away from the ball. 

Undaunted--or conversely perhaps spurred on--by the unsportsmanlike behavior of Arabs and other anti Israel enablers in previous matches,  Israeli tennis players
defeated  former Russian male doubles Davis Cup champions to qualify for this year's Davis Cup semi finals, Reuters reports.  

In earlier Davis Cup competitions Dubai wouldn't give another Israeli tennis player a visa; later Sweden forced Israeli players to compete away from the public spotlight, complaining they couldn't guarantee their security.  Both countries were fined for these actions by the  World Tennis Association.   

The United States team qualified for a place also.    

Bob and Mike Bryan kept the United States in the hunt for a semi-final place with a 6-3 6-1 6-3 win over Croatian pair Roko Karanusic and Lovro Zovko in Porec.  

Finally, fair play rules.  And wins.