Sarah of Liberty

Sarah Palin may become the great champion of liberty in an era when it is under threat as never before. Two pictures contained herein in this express this hope.

Blogger Arienne, of the site Motivation: Truth, took some pictures of Sarah Palin at the Governor's Picnic in Wasilla, and posted them to her site. I am unable to contact Arienne to ask permission to re-post her picture, but like Dan Riehl (from who I learned of the photos), I am going to borrow one in particular, because it shows something about both Sarah and the movement ahead. Check out the reading matter Sarah carries with her, perhaps because she is so intrigued that she wants to soak it up every free minute she has.

Sarah and Liberty & Tyranny

My own views of Mark's book are on the public record.

Think of it as an outstanding tutorial in applied political philosophy, and you will begin to grasp the scope of Mark Levin's achievement. The fact that the book is lucid, unpretentious, and utterly accessible to anyone who cares to focus and think, means that it will elevate the quality of political thought and dialogue across a broad swath of the American populace.

Sarah Palin has already demonstrated a capacity to connect with ordinary Americans. This charisma frightens and angers many and the left, and not a few Republicans as well. I fully expect Governor Palin, whose mind displays the quality of a rapid learner who knows how to use what she has learned, to begin to ground her public statements in the philosophical depth so well-presented in Liberty and Tyranny.

The phony intellectual elitists, who have little or no understanding, much less grounding, in the fundamental ideas undergirding the American republic are not going to know what has hit them, once Sarah Palin returns to the public spotlight to discuss the future of our nation. The shallow conservative intellectuals, jealous of her connection to the taproot of the American spirit will also be bewildered.

But the American people, who don't think you must be stupid if you didn't go to an Ivy League university, and who understand that America is a special nation, a unique experiment in liberty, will respond. American exceptionalism is as much an anathema to the pointy heads as shopping at Wal-Mart. But not to mainstream America.

I have a strong suspicion that Sarah Palin will emerge as a strong champion of liberty. Big Fur Hat and I together created the following graphic to express this hope:

Sarah of Liberty