Ron Paul attacks Sarah Palin as 'country club' Republican

What to make of Ron Paul? The word erratic comes to mind. On domestic spending, he is a righteous guardian of small government, while on foreign affairs he is a dangerous isolationist who believes the world will leave us alone if we just tend to our own knitting. And as far as Sarah Palin and her supporters go, he is a space cadet, apparently.

An interview with Politico published today contains this startling assertion from Paul:

As for soon-to-be departing Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Paul dismisses her supporters as "more establishment, conventional Country-Club type of Republicans."

This is odd indeed, detached from reality as it is. Sarah Palin is about as far from a country club Republican as one can find. And Texas sources indicate:

And if you were to check the membership rolls of the Lake Jackson Country Club here in Texas, I'd bet real money that you would find the names of Ron Paul and his wife Carol listed as lifetime members.

The assertion of The Pauls belonging to this country club is supported by other bloggers as well. Representative Paul (also an OB/GYN, by the way) should address the question of his alleged country club membership, if he is going to throw around this label.

Could it be that Ron Paul is jealous of Sarah Palin's popular support?