Recycling Old Lies

With their trajectory heading further downward and the profligate spending they authorized putting not a dent in the weakening economy, the Democrats have reached into their bag of tricks and are recycling old lies.

The AP, among others, reports that House Intelligence Chairman Reyes has announced an investigation into a variety of post 9/11 intelligence opeartions undertaken by the Bush administration.

Included in this investigation apparently is  a charge that  Congress was not informed  of a never utilized notion about killing Al Qaeda leaders who had taken refuge in countries not allied with us in the fight against terror, a plan not only never carried out but

(a) one which was reported on the front page of the New York Times seven years ago; and

(b) one which certainly if successful would  avoid collateral damage to civilians now injured or killed when the very same thing is done by unmanned drones; and

(c)  one which apparently--and contrary to Panetta's statement--never was ordered to be kept from Congressional notification  by Vice President Cheney.

But that is all part and parcel of the Democrats' unending efforts to tar and destroy those who did everything in their power to defend us.

In case you've forgotten the sort of thing I'm talking about here's a reminder of what they did to Alberto Gonzales.
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