Power hath its privileges

On their recent visit to Paris to join their husband and father, Michelle Obama and daughters enjoyed a special treat not available to other French citizens-- or even tourists--reports
Linda Hervieux of the NY Daily News .   

Michelle Obama and her girls enjoyed a special Sunday shopping trip in Paris this month thanks to friends in high places who bent France's Sunday store-closing rules.

President Nicolas Sarkozy said Tuesday that calls were made to open a swanky children's boutique, usually closed by law on Sundays, where the First Lady and her two daughters perused racks of $200 summer dresses and $100 sweaters.


It was actually the U.S. Embassy that arranged for opening of the shop, Bonpoint, a store spokeswoman said.

A determinedly secular country despite the strictly enforced Sunday closing laws,  Michelle Obama may have actually done the French a favor as  

most of France's 62 million people have do their shopping Monday to Saturday - and not during lunchtime when many stores close.

There are exceptions for shops selling food, or those deemed to have a "recreational" or "cultural" value, mostly in tourist areas. 


Sarkozy is moving to expand the tourist zones as part of his push to get France to "work more, earn more."

Polls show two-thirds of French support changing the law.

Viva les Etats Unis!