Palin Derangement Syndrome - Photoshopping Trig

How low will the left go? When it comes to Sarah Palin, there is no bottom to the hateful hole being excavated by the left, our guardians of compassion. Dan Riehl discovered an appalling use of Photoshop to mock Trig Palin at Firedoglake, one of the bigger lefty websites. Courtesy of Doug Ross, here is the Leftist Altered Reality view of the Palins, as the spawn of Satan, Photoshopped from a family portrait, on a screen capture from Firedoglake,whose politics make as much sense as its name:

Photoshop hate

Note the treatment afforded to Trig, afflicted with Down Syndrome, and Photoshopped in:

Hating a baby

Sarah Palin's ability to provoke the left into displaying its inner ugliness alone makes her a national treasure.

Update: More on the insane left's mockery of Trig, from William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection. Only for the strong of stomach. So far as I know, no complaints from Planned Parenthood on the use of their logo. Interesting.