Obama's Wrapping Paper

Perhaps by accident, but more likely by design, President Obama may have very well found the new cover he can apply to the statist ambitions he has for America: "Saving the Planet." If Obama is somehow able to get his much desired Cap and Trade legislation, already passed by the House, through Senate, it would open the door for all sorts of new laws and regulations that would seriously compromise the way of life that American have been accustomed to.
The reality of the Cap and Trade bill is, that anything that uses ANY amount of energy, either in the item's production, or in the item's use, would be subject to regulations. As the "science of global warming" is based on unverifiable and unquantifiable data anyway, it opens the door for huge amounts of corruption, as anyone with an agenda can manipulate and skew any data to make it support any argument they want to put forth as truth. And because they are able to wrap it up in the feel-good "big green bow" of "saving the planet," many of us in this country will willingly eat it up without thought to what the real implications are.
The sky is potentially the limit with this one. Lawmakers, under the guise of saving the planet, could potentially do all sorts of things we never though possible before. Certain anti-gun legislators have not been able to take arms away from the public due to the Second Amendment. However, swaddled in the wrapping paper of saving the planet, those same lawmakers could use their "environmental concerns" to perhaps illegalize, or at least highly regulate, the discharge of firearms, citing the emissions gunshots release, without a need to even touch the Second Amendment.
"Global Warming" wrapping paper will serve Obama for some time. In this paper, he will no doubt wrap every controversial and anti-American idea he has in store for us. Where we live, what we do for a living, what we eat, what we drive, whether we smoke or not... All of these things, and much more, could potentially fall under the regulation of a new climate protection bill. Unfortunately, a large potion of the American population will see their freedoms slowly disappearing, but will nonetheless cheer their Messiah for making the hard choices to save the climate, not realizing that his true intention, far from saving the environment, is to consolidate and retain his own power.