Obama's presser - is anyone listening?

Obama's press conference was not aimed at the recalcitrant members of his own party who are balking at passing health care reform.Instead, it was aimed at the American people who are beginning to doubt the president can deliver what he promised and are becoming leery of the plan as it is emerging from Congress.Jane Sassen of Business Week: While insisting that his own proposal to cut the amount of tax deductions wealthy taxpayers could write off for their charitable contributions would be better, the President said such a measure would "meet my principle" that the costs should not be borne "by families already having a tough time." Of course, providing answers to tough funding questions wasn't the aim of the press conference, as least from the White House point of view. The goal was to make a convincing case to keep public support for the plans from eroding. And at that, he may well have succeeded. The prime time hour may not have done much to move the needle in...(Read Full Post)