Obama the Redeemer

Is there a pattern emerging, given the Cap and Trade bill recently passed at Obama's urging?

Indeed there is.

His apology tour for past American "sins" (all occurring before his reign, he explains) was not enough for Obama to cleanse our collective historical record. He wants to go beyond being the redeemer. He wants to be the rectifier. The military has been complicit in war crimes, so we should gut the military so as to minimize the risk of similar "crimes" in the future. Has America,as the great industrial power, used its might to pollute the earth? Gut American industry with taxes, regulations, and cap and trade (which will empower our competitors and reduce America to a second-rate, if we are lucky, industrial power).

All the better that our American-based multinationals will have less power to wreak havoc on the lesser developed world. Have we played a "bad role" on the international stage? Well, we are walking back from supporting our allies (Columbia, Great Britain, Georgia, Israel) since our power is always a temptation to use, and every time we use it (in Obama's fevered imagination) we harm the world. So we will weaken our allies by minimizing our support for them and rectify our past actions (see especially Iran and Israel). Since America played a role in a coup in Iran over 50 years ago, we must rectify our sin by stepping back from "meddling" in Iran.

We opposed Hugo Chavez in the past. We must rectify that by shifting to the opposite tack and implicitly support him and his allies in the region (think Honduras).

To Obama, the mere existence of American strength  - be it diplomatic, economic, military - is a sin because it leads us to exercise such power. Every time we exercise such power we bring about harm. He must not only apologize (and be the redeemer) but turn back the clock by "undoing" the harm. He wants to make history right - by undoing history.

As Obama wants to level Americans by engineering a massive transfer of wealth (remember the "spread the wealth" gaffe during the campaign) so also he wants to level America to the status of any other nation in the world. This is reflected in his reliance on the standards of the ‘international community" and his increasing emphasis on abiding by the rulings and directions of the United Nations rather than focusing on supporting American interests abroad.

These are the lessons, the education, he learned at Columbia, at Harvard, and in the pews of his finishing school ‘Trinity United Church of Christ" from his American-hating mentor and moral compass, Jeremiah Wright, Junior- a man who based his sermons on the evil that America has always practiced in every sphere where it exercises any national power.

Obama, redeemer of America's sins. Our modern day Christ figure-but without the personal and redemptive suffering. That is what he has in store for the rest of us. And for America.