Obama: Gates affair the media's fault

Well, now we know who is really at fault for President Barack Obama's continued emphasis on the dust up regarding Harvard Professor Gates and Cambridge Police Seargeant Crowley.  Certainly not Obama, certainly not Gates, not so sure about Crowley though. 

But sure about the media!  That's right, the media - the same media that worshiped him during his campaign, the same media that still cheers him six months into his term, the same media that tosses him easy questions at press conferences, are to blame for prolonging this crisis while ignoring the important ones.   

Just listen to White House press spokesman Robert Gibbs pass the blame along.   

The White House says the media's "obsessions" are keeping alive President Barack Obama's comments about the arrest of a Harvard scholar seen trying to get into his own house. Asked whether Obama regretted commenting on the matter, spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters that the president probably would regret distracting the media with "obsessions."   You see really   Gibbs says Obama has "great respect" for police officers and understands what a hard job they have.  

Which is why Obama, without knowing the facts, decided Crowley "acted stupidly."  Such respect.