Obama beer bash photo-op

Just a couple of black (or African-American) guys sitting around talking, drinking some beers.  Oh yes, a white (or European-American) guy will be there too.  Not as a referee, but to talk about race.  It will take place on the south lawn of the White House. 

Should be a great photo op for one of the black guys, President Barack Obama.  Should be a great opportunity for the other black guy, Harvard Professor Henry Gates, to rant about racism and his victimhood before he heads off to his high priced summer home on affluent Martha's Vineyard, MA.  Should not be a great opportunity for the lone white guy, Cambridge police sargeant Joseph Crowley.   

"The president sees this as an opportunity to get dialogue going on an issue that's been historically troubling," senior adviser David Axelrod told CBS Sunday.  

Stating someone "acted stupidly" is not a great way "to get dialogue going."