More ACORN angst: Tea partiers turnout dwarfs Obamabots (updated)

President Obama has 13 million email addresses in his database that he has called on to put pressure on Congressmen on health care reform by lobbying their neighbors to support the bill.

In Long Island, NY, some ACORN members turned up at a shopping mall and began to lobby passers by to sign a petition in favor of Obamacare when 40 tea party patriots turned up and turned the tables on the liberals. The local Gathering of Eagles blog has the story:

Today I witnessed and participated in seeing ‘grass-roots folk' come together in an instant and square off with, as of yesterday, an unchallenged foe in our cause-ACORN.  We arrived at King Kullen this morning in Commack and as planned found ACORN petitioners signing up unaware patrons of the shopping center coming and going.  They were asking people to sign a petition favoring Obama's Health Care plan.  We were there to give the other side and people listened. ACORN produced four ‘workers' we amassed 40 patriots complete with signs, banners, flyers, stickers, posters and a few loud voices.

ACORN 4 - Patriots 40.

I was told they were ‘workers' for the organization We-Can(?)  We were the people on the street giving up a beautiful warm Saturday morning to be heard.

ACORN being outnumbered, out voiced and literally out debated left the area in a hurry. We followed.

After receiving communication that they fled to Stop and Shop in Bohemia 40+ patriots showed up and overwhelmed them there too. What a sight. Again ACORN took flight. They didn't know how to react other then demanding we leave. We demanded an equal moment of time to discuss the meat and potatoes of the Obama health Care plan, they refused and retreated. I witnessed many passersby refusing to sign their petition; one even scratched their name off the list after we spoke to them. Almost every person I encountered was interested and I was relieved as almost all agreed with us.

Making a difference isn't hard when the right is so clearly on your side. This kind of thing is happening all over the country as the tea party patriots flex their muscles locally to challenge the left at every turn.

Truly, inspiring.

Update -- Randall Hoven writes from Alton, Illinois:

Here are a couple of photos from the Alton, IL Tea Party of July 25.

Alton tea party 7 25 09

Alton Tea Party 7 25 09

This little ampitheater's capacity is about 3,000. The people were not tightly packed in, but I would put attendance at 1,000, easily, if not more.

The biggest spontaneous chant was "No more Dick Durbin".

From what I could tell, virtualy no coverage from local media.

Funny seeing friends or neighbors there -- a sort of "I guess I'm out of the closet now" moment for all involved. But it was comforting to know I'm not the only conservative (or whatever you care to call us) in this blue area of a blue state.

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