Like a Wolf Overtaking His Prey - Radical Islam on Our Doorstep

Have you seen the promotional material for the "Khilafah Conference USA 2009: Hizb ut-Tahrir America (HTA)" symposium that was just held in Oak Lawn, Illinois? It's a melding of "something wicked this way comes" with a dash of "The Walton's" and good ol' American family values.

On Monday, July 20, 2009, Janet Levy alerted us to the conference having been held the day before in a suburb of Chicago, President Barack Hussein Obama's old stomping grounds (is there a connection here? Hmmm). It was time to take a closer look at this Islamic movement. What was seen is unnerving. These guys, Hizb ut-Tahrir America, are no fly-by-night, stick a flier under your windshield wiper cheapos. Their video ad is polished. You can see it here.

From the poster for this "Kill America" conference (with running commentary) -

* FALL OF CAPITALISM AND RISE OF ISLAM (Uh-oh, this doesn't sound like a negotiated settlement, could be bad)

* Failure of Capitalism (Kick a good man while he's down; where were these guys in '29? They could have toppled us easily then)

* Global Meltdown (Hmmm, sounds like the King James Version of things to come - apocalyptic; are we sure they're still on Islamic topic?)

* Real vs. Speculative Economy (not sure what they're talking about here - what business venture is guaranteed success?)

* Global Activism for Islamic revival (Wow, these guys are going "big" ala GLOBAL, unlike the nuts at ACORN who are busying themselves with a parochial census in little ol' America)

* Key Role of Muslims in America (sounds like part of a business plan for market penetration... hmmm, that sounds vaguely capitalistic)

* On the occasion of the destruction of the Khilafah - You are invited to attend the conference (great, a schadenfreude party! Who doesn't love that?)

Then, at the bottom is this -

* Food will be served. Baby-sitting available (Wow, they're just like us - it sounds like any other church social, how apple pie)

Another irony in this situation is that the conference's originally scheduled venue at the Islamic Al Aqsa School in Chicago was canceled but then was rescheduled "to kick off at the Hilton Oak Lawn, which graciously stepped up to the plate" per Shariah Finance Watch's web site. Oh, my... talk about taking bids on the rope the hangman is going to swing you with. Karl Marx had us figured out right.

You've gotta be kidding me! We're putting up with this? So much for "moderate" Islam in America! Even if it presently exists it's being targeted by a strident Islam and we know who wins that dog fight.

Be careful about labeling the prior statement as "alarmist". Consider what Amil Imani (a contributor here at AT) says about the dynamic of a radical few co-opting a "peaceful" majority:

Don't our liberal leftists assure us not to worry about Islamization of our country, the United States? After all, Muslims are about a minority of 6-7 million in a population of nearly 300 million, you reason. Even a smaller number of these Muslims are hothead radicals, while the majority is just like everyone else. But small minorities can overwhelm the majority by use of coercion and deadly force. Islamists are notorious for their dedication to the use of force for achieving their aims. The Taliban were a very small minority in Afghanistan, the Islamists were a tiny faction in the 1979 Islamic Revolution of Iran. Both overwhelmed the masses and imposed their reign of terror. The terrorist Hamas is also a "minority" in number, yet it rules the Palestinian Territory. Hizbollah of Lebanon is a minority, yet it has taken the country to the verge of destruction.

Mark Levin had an excellent exposition yesterday of the difference between "moderate" and "prudent." A leftist defined moderation would have us wring our hands and tut-tutting an event such as this while still maintaining decorum. A pragmatic response would have much more animation and sense of purpose to it. Its action would not be so... moderate.

I fear that Mr. Levin's "pragmatism" will be the only appropriate response to this kind of anti-American Islamic assault. It's not reassuring to have an inclusive Commander in Chief who was raised in his formative years in a region of the world where strident Islam dominates. Nor are his overtures to Islam to "make nice" comforting while true, Quranic Islam begins a recruiting/co-opting operation right under our noses.

An excellent synopsis of HTA by Madeleine Gruen can be read here.

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