Just how naïve is President Obama?

Today, from the group Stratfor, comes this stunning offer to Iran from President Obama:

"U.S. President Barack Obama said July 7 that if Iran stops its nuclear weapon development program, the U.S, has no reason to develop a missile defense system, Interfax reported. Obama was speaking at the Russian School of Economics in Moscow."

Is the President unaware that North Korea is a nuclear power, and produces long range missiles that it tests and delivers to other countries? 

Are there no other threats from  terror groups or nations, other than Iran for which an American missile defense mightbe useful?

As for Iran, why exactly would Iran trade its nuclear weapons program, which would give it extraordinary leverage in the region once completed, for our giving up a missile defense system?

Is Obama so delusional about nuclear weapons, that he thinks if we  disarm (the proposed agreement with Russia), and follow up by giving up our missile defenses, that the world will lay down its arms, and start singing Pete Seeger songs?