Is David Letterman jealous of Sarah Palin

Is David Letterman jealous of Sarah Palin and her multi tasking abilities?  After all, while she has a loving spouse, five children and one grandchild, can skin a moose, catch fish and has governed both a small town and a state while electrifying citizens of flyover country who treasure both their guns and religion, he has managed to father only one child at an age when others are grandfathers and their careers, like his, are in decline.

Perhaps that's why he  inadvertently complimented   her Tuesday night.   

Letterman joked that in the future, she hopes to be the next "octo-mom."   

And how many writers did that line require?  Still yet another Letterman joke that families with several children, including problematic adolescents and developmentally delayed/challenged children didn't understand.  

Is similar jealousy partially behind the continuous over the top criticisms of Palin from such single tasking (bitchiness) columnists as Maureen Dowd and Gail Collins?   

The venom they spew seems to indicate it.