How Cops Should Do It?

Police in this country have a history of racial profiling and abusing minorities and gays.  That's a fact.  But not all police officers are guilty of such crimes.  There is a very real case that has several similarities to the Gates-Crowley incident, but in which the police acted without prejudice.

Like the Gates incident, police were called to the scene due to nearby witnesses noticing behavior they deemed suspicious.  In this case, a young man was walking naked, dazed and bleeding in front of a house.  Upon arriving at the scene, the police tried to talk to the young man, but discovered that he could not speak English.  So they inquired at the house.  The resident of the house explained that the young man was his homosexual lover and all was well.

So like the Gates case, this incident involved minorities: homosexuals, one of whom was a non-English speaking ethnic minority.  But in this case, the police were not homophobes or racists, and did no profiling.

The man who spoke English was indeed the resident of the house.  He said everything was all right.  A good police officer understands that lovers can spat and things can happen in non-traditional family units that can seem strange to the more uptight members of the community.  So no warrant and no search.  No arrest for breaking and entering.  No arrest for public nudity.  No arrest for disorderly conduct.  No arrest at all.  The police let the two "lovers" be reunited.

Unfortunately, the resident they talked to was Jeffrey Dahmer, who would later complete the killing of the young man.  In all, Dahmer was responsible for killing 17 men and boys and committing rape, cannibalism, dismemberment and necrophilia.  He had tried to make one victim a "sex zombie" by drilling holes in his skull and pouring caustic liquid into the wounds.

But the police did their jobs: no ethnic profiling, no homophobic biases - just good, politically correct police work.

When called to a potential crime scene at a residence and the legitimate resident tells you everything is fine, a good police officer makes no further inquiries, calls in his report that "all is well", and returns to his previous duties.

Heck, politically correct policing is so easy that anyone can make the right call without even being at the scene, hearing witnesses or gathering evidence.  You can do it from your own house, or even the White House.
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