Health care hypocrisy

When it's our lives at stake, left wing grandees are rather more cavalier than they are when their own (or their families') lives are involved

In a time Rahm Emanuel has contradicted Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid by insisting that a vote on the Obama Healthcare plan will occur this August, it's time to recall some more details about Rahm's family, starting with the fact that Rahm Emanuel's brother Ari is the Hollywood agent for Michael Moore. This was first reported in American Thinker (via the Los Angeles Times in 2007) but seems appropriate to recall at this time.
Peter Barry Chowka's July 2007 
article "Socialized Medicine Cult Undeterred by Sicko's Sputtering Box Office" stated:

'Back to Sicko: The movie has yet to open abroad and, after it finishes its theatrical runs, there will be sales of DVDs which should add additional millions to the take. Even if it's not as successful as its predecessors, Sicko will make money - and Moore himself, as the Los Angeles Timesreported on June 29, "has an unprecedented deal for the documentary's profits." It might seem ironic, since Moore believes that profit should be eliminated from all of American health care, that:

"Moore himself stands to make a mint on the film. Thanks to a lucrative contract negotiated with the Weinstein Co. by his talent agent, Endeavor's Ari Emanuel [Congressman Rahm Emmanuel's brother -- ed.],...'

Ari Emanuel's own website also states
"His most famous role in political history would be as agent to Michael Moore. Moore accredits Ari as being the one who helped Moore's political film Fahrenheit 9/11 become a reality when Disney's then CEO, Michael Eisner, tried to prevent the only American distributor (Miramax) who had agreed to distribute the controversial 9/11, Emanuel broke one of the unwritten rules and went public with the matter."

Michael Moore's film "Sicko" is described at the Internet Movie Database as:

"Documentary look at health care in the United States as provided by profit-oriented health maintenance organizations (HMOs) compared to free, universal care in Canada, the U.K., and France."

Something tells me that if Michael Moore -- with his excess weight -- gets sick, he won't be going to Canada or England to seek treatment, despite the advocacy of his movie. And if he is considered too old and too much the cause of his own medical problems because of his overweight condition to receive treatment under an Obama medical plan, he will bellow like a harpooned walrus. One also wonders if a high powered Hollywood agent like Ari Emanuel would be willing to wait all day in a government health clinic. It also strains credulity that Ari Emanuel's brother Ezekiel, a physician, would passively accept their parents being refused end-of-life medical care, despite his advocacy of rationing the same. Ari Emanuel's father and brother both chose to practice medicine in America. The father had previously lived in a country, Israel, with a socialist national health system called the Kupat Holim, but chose to come work in the "mean, for profit medical system" of the United States.
Well, who should we believe, the Emanuel family high sounding political speeches - or our eyes and what they did "voting with their feet?"
To think of all the poor immigrants to Israel from Morocco, Romania, Poland, Ethiopia, Russia, etc., who never got the benefit of the Emanuel doctors' care as the family rushed off to find richer patients in America. And now their son/brother Rahm is advocating a similar but harsher medical insurance system in the US that his own family ran away from as both physicians and as patients. Once again, who should we believe, the Emanuel family high sounding political speeches - or our eyes and what they did "voting with their feet?"
There is a term for people like this (beyond hypocrites and elitists). It is toxic egoists. If they chose to buy a family coat of arms from a website in England, the family motto could be "Do as I say, not as I do" or its' Latin equivalent. The line from Animal Farm, "Some Animals are More Equal than Others," would also fit their family crest.
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