Government 'counselors' on end of life treatment

The House version of the Health Care Bill is going to require (p 425-430) mandatory counseling for all seniors at a minimum of every five years, more often if the senior is sick or in a nursing home. 

Just how many government trained counselors will that put into the work force? With an over 65 population of 38,000,000 US (Census, 2007), 4 counseling sessions daily, over 37,000, at a minimum, that's how many. Plus their supervisors, plus the report readers, plus the oversight agency.

Don't even think that anyone should receive mandatory counseling regarding the end of life issues surrounding abortion; that's a invasion of the right of privacy!

"Counsel" a senior about their end of life "choices" under Obama Care? Somehow that's not the same, so just keep your mouth shut.
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