Geert Wilders could be next Dutch PM

The two major opinion polls in the Netherlands show that the PVV Party of Geert Wilders is leading, and if PVV obtains a plurality in the next election, Wilders would be called upon to organize a ruling coalition. Maayana Miskin of Israel National News reports:

A Synovate poll released Wednesday shows PVV in a tight race with the Christian Democratic Alliance (CDA), which currently holds 41 seats. If elections were held this week, both parties would win 32 seats, Synovate pollsters found.

Maurice de Hond's polls show PVV winning roughly 32 seats as well. A third poll, the TNS NIPO, shows PVV winning 28 seats to 24 for the CDA. If PVV were to win the plurality of Parliament seats, Wilders would be called to assemble the Netherlands' next ruling coalition.

Wilders is the creator of the film Fitna, a searing critique of the Koran, featuring its actual verses inciting violence against infidels and images of Islamic terror. For his trouble, he has been banned from visiting the UK. Presumably, if he were to become Dutch PM, his presence in the UK would be permitted.

While European elites continue to regard those who actually read Suras 9-14 of the Koran as dangerous bigots, and acquiesce to demands for Sharia courts and the banning of critics of Islam, ordinary Europeans are not so oblivious to the demographic transition to a Muslim majority currently underway in most of Western Europe.

Hat tip: Michael Zeldis
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