Decline and fall

It matters not what the label of the day is, America, in the grasps of an administration that recognizes no boundaries, is changing right before our eyes. Whether you choose to call it Corporatism, Socialism,  Fascism, or Marxism, the fact remains that we are witnessing, after many years of gradual decay  in America;  the end of what has built this country: Capitalism.

Overwhelmed by the massive amount of bills, spending, regulatory reforms and sweeping legislation, it's hard for Americans to keep up with the flurry of activity in Washington.  It's no doubt that this hurried (crisis) pace is intended.  These are the final days of entrepreneurial capitalism as we know it.  She's on her last legs.  She's being tossed aside like yesterday's garbage...cast out without regard to her accomplishments over the past 200 years, only to be replaced by the concept of "shared wealth".

As she takes her last breaths, we agonize wondering how we let it come to this point.  Gasping, she looks at us with eyes glazed over in despair.  We knew that this administration was not concerned with small business, but how did we let them rip the spirit from our hands?  We saw the big push for cap and trade legislation-but did we act?  Deep in our hearts, we knew that the massive health care reform bill would be another nail in her coffin, but did we revolt?  Seeing the ridiculous bailouts, handouts and mortgaging of our future, did we stand up and voice our dismay?  How can we, with a clear conscience, admit that we truly felt that cap and trade was going to repair the ails of climate change, or that a national health care system would reduce overall health costs?

As a small businessperson, I -- unlike the current administration -- recognize that hope is not a business plan.  I must look to the future and determine what is best for my company. I must make decisions now that reflect what my business will look like in six months and beyond.   Based on proposed legislation and the current climate in Washington, and our inability to get the attention of our representatives, it is apparent that my future business opportunities lie elsewhere. The crystal ball is clouded only in more taxes, the potential of forced heath care payments for employees, excessive costs and lost business through the proposed cap and trade and a general disgust for the small businesses that provide 70% of the nation's GDP.

I've been screaming, but nobody's listening.  My last employee has been laid off.  If the proposed cap and trade legislation is passed, it will be the death knell for me.  As the great lady named Capitalism passes, so too shall my endeavor.  We shall pass together, both wondering how a great nation allowed this to occur on our watch.