Christian Cleric's family beaten in Gaza

Suffering from oppression, discrimination and constant harassment, everyday life for the small Christian minority in Gaza has been harsh since the Israelis completely left the area. 

Israeli Arab and Jerusalem Post  reporter Khaled Abu Toameh has the details
on the latest indignity suffered by a church official.     

Constantine Dabbagh, Executive Secretary of the Near East Council of Churches, complained on Wednesday that three masked men who broke into his house beat him and his wife before stealing money and jewelry.


The assault on Dabbagh and his wife is the latest in a series of attacks on members of the tiny Christian community in the Gaza Strip.    

But of course the deafening silence of this continuing Islamic  assault against  its own citizens who happen to have different beliefs will continue.  Unless of course it can be blamed on the Israelis.  And someone will certainly try to do so.