Anti-Tea Party reporter out at CNN

Second place cable news network CNN is not renewing reporter Susan Roesgen's contract according to Media Bistro's TVNewser.   Could it be because she verbally assaulted an April 15 Tea Party Chicago supporter she was interviewing while dissing first place competitor Fox News?     

"Sir, what does this have to do with taxes?... Did you know that [Illinois] gets $50 billion out of the stimulus? That's $50 billion for this state, sir."  

Hearing this type of interviewing, other Tea Party protestors shouted at her "You're not a reporter."  This accurate assessment of her skills caused Roesgen to angrily pout on air   

I think you get the general tenor of this.  Uh, it's anti-government, anti-CNN, since this is highly promoted by the right-wing conservative network, Fox."  

As for the present, Ms. Roesgen  is not a reporter.