An entertainer learns a lesson

Working for the common good is noble, but naïve support of nice-sounding causes can have its  drawbacks, as actor and comedian Paul Rodriguez learned the hard way:  

In recent months, actor and comedian Paul Rodriguez has made known his defection from the Democratic party (sic) because of the party's lack of interest in helping drought-stricken farmers like himself in California who have had water denied to them by court order under the Endangered Species Act to save an endangered fish, the delta smelt.  [...]

"I always saw myself as an environmentalist. ... I've funded many of these things, I guess, because I've performed for them. Every time they call, you go there not really knowing what you're backing, not knowing that those dollars are going to turn around and, and hurt me, hurt those I love the most."

As environmental fantasies, especially Global Warming flummery, trump the needs, not just the wants of humanity, it's good to know there are those, with household names, in Hollywood, who've finally turned the right corner, even if it took an ‘abusive relationship' to do it.