What Obama taught us about Muslims

Writing in the NY Post, Ralph Peters gratefully sums up all he learned from President Barack Hussein Obama's speech in Cairo.   

A few of the highlights that you certainly learned for the first time also.   

Churches and synagogues are about to open in Saudi Arabia. Since "Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance" and there are "over 1,200 mosques within our borders," I can't wait for the first Baptist hymn-sing in Riyadh. Sign me up!

Behind closed doors with Saudi King Abdullah, our president must've mentioned the many hundreds of churches and synagogues that thrived on the Arabian Peninsula during the Prophet's lifetime. Muslims zealots destroyed them. Time to get the bin Laden family's construction firm on the job re-building!

And stoning converts who leave Islam to death is a no-no, right?

Sounds great!  Sign me up for the same tour as our president!

hat tip: David Brochin