Were CIA operatives compromised by Myers?

AT reader "Narciso" raisaes some further concerns about the extent of the damage from accused Cuban Spy Walter Myers. He notes the following from the FBI affidavit: 

11. From in or about August 1977, through in or about March 1979, KENDALL MYERS was employed as a contract instructor at the Department of State's Foreign Service Institute (FSI), a training and professional development institute for Department of State employees located in Arlington, Virginia .

Doesn't the FSI do language training for CIA as well as State Department officials? Especially since the former often serve under diplomatic cover, anyways. So did Myers provide information on likely candidates to certain postings in Western and Eastern Europe?  

Recall that Valerie Plame's first assignment was at the Athens post, before she was compromised by Ames. Nicolson, an instructor at Camp Peary, reputedly gave the name of 400 of his trainees to the Russian SVR.
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