'Weenie diplomacy' canceled

Well, it seems that thanks to the Iranian violence U.S. taxpayers saved a wee bit of their tax dollars; the Iranian diplomats are no longer invited to U.S. diplomatic July 4th celebrations around the world Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post reports.

"July Fourth allows us to celebrate the freedom and the liberty we enjoy," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said. "Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. Freedom to assemble peacefully. Freedom of the press. So I don't think it's surprising that nobody's signed up to come." Gibbs added: "Given the events of the past many days, those invitations will no longer be extended."

During a news conference on Wednesday, President Obama had indicated the invitations were still being extended. Asked if the July 4th offer still stood, Obama responded: "That's a choice the Iranians are going to have to make."

Apparently the Iranians have chosen brutality against protesters opposing election results over celebrating  "Freedom of speech.  Freedom to assemble peacefully."  What a surprise.