The reason the president won't talk about the Long murder

Yesterday at American Thinker Jan LaRue asked :

Why haven't the President and Attorney General of the United States been as quick to condemn the murder of one U.S. soldier and the wounding of another as they were in condemning the murder of an abortionist?  

James Dao and David Johnston of the New York Times present some information which might answer LaRue's question. The suspect

charged with killing one soldier and seriously wounding another in a shooting outside an Army recruiting office in Little Rock, Ark., was once detained in Yemen for possessing a fake Somali passport and other counterfeit documents, law enforcement officials said Tuesday.

The episode in Yemen prompted a preliminary inquiry by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other American law enforcement agencies into whether the man, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, had ties to extremist groups, the officials said. But that investigation was inconclusive, they said, leaving the bureau with insufficient evidence to wiretap his phone or put him under surveillance.


But his travels to Yemen and possibly Somalia raise questions about whether he met with any of the militant Islamic groups that are active in both countries.

"Mr. Muhammad stated that he was mad at the U.S. military because of what they had done to Muslims in the past," an arrest report filed by the Little Rock police said. "Mr. Muhammad further stated that he would have killed more soldiers if they had been on the parking lot."

It would be embarrassing to highlight his Muslim background or his possible training as a terrorist overseas would be inconvenient on the eve of Obama's big speech in Cairo to the Muslim world.

And so Obama and others in his administration are all too happy to ignore the outrageous murder of an innocent soldier in America while condemning the outrageous murder of an abortion doctor in a church.  The latter won't affect Muslim relations with the U.S.