The Global Warmists refuse to hear evidence that is 'unhelpful'

If the evidence disproves alarmist cant from the Warmist cult, it is shunned. More stark evidence of the biggest con game in history.  Christopher Booker of the UK Telegraph has  the story:

Over the coming days a curiously revealing event will be taking place in Copenhagen. Top of the agenda at a meeting of the Polar Bear Specialist Group (set up under the International Union for the Conservation of Nature/Species Survival Commission) will be the need to produce a suitably scary report on how polar bears are being threatened with extinction by man-made global warming.

This is one of a steady drizzle of events planned to stoke up alarm in the run-up to the UN's major conference on climate change in Copenhagen next December. But one of the world's leading experts on polar bears has been told to stay away from this week's meeting, specifically because his views on global warming do not accord with those of the rest of the group.

Dr Mitchell Taylor has been researching the status and management of polar bears in Canada and around the Arctic Circle for 30 years, as both an academic and a government employee. More than once since 2006 he has made headlines by insisting that polar bear numbers, far from decreasing, are much higher than they were 30 years ago. Of the 19 different bear populations, almost all are increasing or at optimum levels, only two have for local reasons modestly declined.

The scientific legitimacy of the UN group is in tatters. The forces building the structure of transnational governance around the UN are not interested in truth or legitimacy. As we all can see.

Hat tip: D.M. Giangreco

Update: Noel Sheppard of Newsbusters on another Warmist intellectual scandal, originally reported by American Thinker last Wednesday:

"Media Ignore EPA Suppressing Skeptical Global Warming Report"
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