The Five Big Liberal Myths

John Hawkins over at Townhall demolishes five main myths liberals oh so smugly believe in about themselves.

Liberals are pro-women: No, no: liberals are pro-liberal women -- as long as they know their place. When Hillary Clinton did the most admirable thing in her entire political career, trying to pull out a come-from-behind win against Barack Obama, the long knives on the Left even came out for her.


[T]he Left does everything it can to destroy women who are courageous enough to stand up to them. Just ask Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, and Carrie Prejean about it.


Liberals look out for black Americans: (snip) The biggest obstacle black Americans face today is not racism; it's the paternalistic, "You poor thing! You need our help to make it day-to-day" attitude of liberals that has shattered the black family in a way that even slavery and Jim Crow laws couldn't.

Liberals are compassionate: Liberals love nothing better than to talk about compassion and caring for the poor -- but, only when other people's money is involved.


Liberals are intellectuals: Liberals portray themselves as brilliant intellectuals who are so much smarter than the riff-raff out there in flyover country. Meanwhile, back in the real world, they run presidential campaigns based on "hope" and "change" and the intellectual roots of their philosophy could be explained by a caveman. Abortion good! People who want to stop abortions bad, bad, bad!

John also points out that liberals are tolerant - with people who agree with them and those who are anti-American. Others? Well, not so much.

If some of your best friends are liberals, or if you are compelled to associate with liberals or if you have liberals in your family, certainly you can add to this smug collection of myths liberals believe about themselves. Feel free to add them. And then puncture them with the truth.

For added fun test these myths on a liberal; take your favorite liberal and match him/her with a myth and then ever so nicely point out the liberal's error. Then stand back while the liberal sputters and explodes, proving Hawkins' thesis. Warning: do not try on a liberal you truly cherish as liberals have no sense of humor (although naturally they think they do eg, David Lettterman) and you will only lose your misguided cherished liberal.

hat tip: Diane Dubey