The death of Private William Long goes unnoted

William Long could have been my son.  Who is William Long?  If you don't read AT or watch Fox News, you probably don't know that Private William Long, 23, was killed on Monday as he worked at a military recruitment center in Arkansas. 

Long and another man, Private Quinton I. Ezeagwula, 18, were shot as they stood outside the Army-Navy recruitment center in Little Rock.  Ezeagwula survived the attack.

The man suspected of shooting them is a Muslim convert named Abdulhakim Muhammed, 23, formerly known as Carlos Bledsoe. 

My son joined the Army in April 2008.  Upon finishing basic training in Georgia, he returned to the Phoenix area for a short period before shipping out to Germany.  During this time, he worked at a local recruitment center, just like Private Long.

What motivated the shooting?  Muhammed said he was upset with American soldiers for what they had done to Muslims "in the past".  He must be an avid follower of the mainstream media.  Nowhere in the MSM will you find any emphasis on what the American military has done for Muslims around the world. 

As for my son, he finished his stint in the recruitment center (thank God), and is now in Iraq defending freedom and liberty.  May he come home safely when his duty is done.  Private William Long will not. 

As Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces, President Obama was reflective and solemn when he commented on the death of Private Long.  He issued a warning to anti-military radicals and terrorists hiding behind the Muslim religion to cease and desist from this heinous course of action.  Finally, he spoke assuring words of comfort to Private Long's family.  He thanked them for their loved ones service to his country. 


Obama is at this very moment bowing down once again to the Saudi king, apologizing for people like Private William Long.  And my son.
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