Oops, PETA does it again!

Without a doubt, it is a commendable venture promoting humane treatment and the well-being of animals.  The vast majority of Americans would agree that only people with truly twisted minds would enjoy tormenting and hurting defenseless animals.  Stretching this thought a lot farther, it is also arguably laudable promoting a vegetarian life style, primarily out of a desire to avoid killing animals for food or clothing.

It is an utterly different situation when the animal rights organization "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals" (PETA) selects Lydia Guevara, the granddaughter of the murderous thug Ernesto "Che" Guevara and Fidel Castro's executioner as their representative to promote animal rights and vegetarianism, at the expense of human rights.

Che's record of human rights abuses, murder and ultimately cowardice crying his last sentence after he was captured, "Don't shoot.  I'm worth more alive to you than dead." are well documented.  Sadly, despite this solid record of tragedy and lack of basic human compassion, his daughter Aleida had the audacity to claim, "I believe the (sic) Che is a banner in the world, a banner of dignity, power and courage.

Clearly, this upside down perspective has been indelibly imbued in his granddChe's daughteraughter Lydia who strikes a similar rebellious pose as those of her grandfather during a recent photo shoot promoting PETA's looming vegetarian campaign scheduled to launch in October, in Argentina, South America before going international.

Anyone today giving Che Guevara's offspring, who clearly support his misdeeds, murders and hideous record of abominations, an iota of honor demonstrates a fundamental lack of historical education, respect for human rights, fundamental human freedoms and more simply put, basic comprehension of how they themselves would wish to be treated if they were in any of Che's victims' shoes.

PETA has a well established record of missteps, blunders and just plain bad judgment in launching various campaigns promoting its agenda.  The most recent of them being PETA's efforts to show during the Superbowl one of their ads of women acting so provocatively with vegetables, even the network refused to run it.

Acting indecently with vegetables, is one thing; to each his own, behind closed doors.  Yet even alluding to supporting the murderous record and human rights abuses employed by Lydia's grandfather in support of animal rights is an outrage everyone should challenge PETA to reconsider and ultimately drop.