Michelle Obama knows 'The Chicago Way' too

Hot Air has more updates on  Obama's  very Chicago style thuggery. Protecting friends, firing honest probers, massive fraud involving taxpayer dollars, do gooders taking from the "most vulnerable" and that extra special Chicago corrupt touch; friends of the family, in this case Michelle Obama hersel,f are all in this .   

Update: The boss has much more on this, including a connection to the other Michelle

First Lady Michelle Obama's chief of staff, Jackie Norris, is being sent to the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) in what is both a White House shake-up and an indication of the first lady's sway over the corporation that oversees AmeriCorps, Serve and Learn and the Senior Corps.

Observers believe Norris, whom Obama came to know early in the Iowa caucus campaign, was forced out of the White House so that long-time Obama friend Susan Sher could take over. But those same observers see her appointment as senior adviser to the corporation as an overall win for CNCS, believing that Norris still will have a straight line to the White House.

CNCS remains without a CEO after the withdrawal last month of Nike vice president Maria Eitel, even before her nomination went to the Senate. Although the corporation's CEO must be nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate, Michelle Obama reportedly has taken the lead in selecting the nominee.

Oh, you expected something different from someone coming from the sewer of the Cook County Democratic Organization?  Now the trains aren't even running on time.