McGovern Promotes CPUSA's Defense Policy

George McGovern, the Democrat who lost to Richard Nixon in 1972 by a 520-17 electoral landslide, champions the Communist Party USA's defense policy.  In today's Wall Street Journal, he recommends cutting the defense budget by half and withdrawing all US troops from both Iraq and Afghanistan by Thanksgiving.  These policies are exactly those of the CPUSA.

McGovern also says, "It would seem that no nation now threatens us."

Of course, McGovern's article might be satire or a parody.  After all, his opening sentence is, "Most Americans probably agree that we have elected a highly articulate, talented president in Barack Obama."

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure McGovern isn't kidding.  Although it's hard to tell any more, isn't it?

Heck, if we have no threats at all, why not cut defense entirely?  Imagine if we did.  Without any defense spending at all in 2009, our deficit would be a mere $1.3 trillion.
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