Is There Any Cream in the GOP?

They say the cream rises to the top and today will show if the GOP has any leadership cream in it.  Does the much maligned Republican Party have any fire in its belly?  With the American Broadcasting Company now becoming Barack Obama's personal television network one wonders if these is the lightning rod that will ignite the smoldering embers of the GOP.

The response from the Republican National Committee while forceful for its current state, it is still lacking with the ferocity needed to show conservatives across America that the GOP is ready to combat the President and the Democratic Party's liberal activism.  A look at the RNC website news page shows that ABC's media activism is not newsworthy to the Republican leadership.

More disturbing is the RNC's complaint filed with the head of ABC News. This is obviously not too big of a deal, in that the Chief of Staff Ken McKay and not the Chairman Michael Steele signed the complaint.

Perhaps one of the 2012 presidential hopefuls will step forward today and castigate ABC's media activism.  The issue at hand is ABC is abusing its freedom of the press charter in disallowing any opposing views to Obama's health care plan.

Oh for just one Republican leader to rise to the top.

Update - Richard Baehr adds:

ABC's lame response to complaint, see below.

Also note who will be a key person in broadcast: a long term single payer supporter.
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