Iran protestors remind mullahs what happened to Saddam

It turns out that the example of a tyrant overthrown and executed next door weighs on the minds of protestors in Tehran, and maybe on the mullahs' minds too. Gateway Pundit reports:
Happened to Saddam"
It looks like the situation in Iraq is playing a part in this revolution...

Iranian democracy protesters on Thursday carried signs
warning the evil regime, "Do not forget what happened to Saddam Hussein!"

saddam sign

Thanks to George W. Bush, of course.

This helps answer the question,
"Would There Be Green In Iran Without Purple In Iraq?"

Iranian ruler Ayatollah Khamenei promised to squash the protests today in his Friday sermon. But this did not faze the opposition.

The next protest is scheduled for
Saturday at 4 PM at Revolution Square in Tehran.

Say a prayer for these brave people.