Don't you wish Obama would occasionally act as he wishes us to act?

Let's recall...

Back in February, President Barack Obama (D) warned companies receiving TARP tax (yours' and mine) monies that they shouldn't spend it on wasteful expenses such as business travel and staying in nice hotels. Poof! Business in Las Vegas collapsed; air travel declined and many hotel workers lost their jobs; somewhat--admittedly not all--attributed to Obama's statement.

Since making that announcement, Obama has jetted off to Europe to participate in meetings with Continentals who dutifully admired his wife's clothes, returned and then jetted off again to Cairo to do outreach community work with a speech he could have just as easily read from White House teleprompters. It still would have dutifully been carried by al-Jazeera, al-Arabiya as well as all the international electronic news platforms, easily piped in to those he was trying to soothe. And appease.

From there he traveled to Europe to participate in ceremonies marking the 65th anniversary of D-Day; thousands upon thousands of American service personnel lost their lives to help liberate Europe from Nazi tyranny. Very appropriate. Sandwiched in between these travels he has toured the country, meeting the folks as if he were still campaigning and taking his wife out of town to dinner and a show.

Obama also worked hard at home, nationalizing companies. Stoking resentment around the world, especially Canada, our friendly neighbor to the north, Obama publicly advocated and helped pass laws that government stimulus money (once again, yours' and mine) be used to "Buy American," thus perhaps precipitating a trade war. Disgusted, Canada has understandably retaliated with a "Buy Canadian" campaign.

Joining Obama in Paris for the D-Day ceremonies were his wife Michelle and their two daughters, who according to this report by Ginger Otis Adams in the NY Post:

The girls and Michelle will stay an extra day to shop, aides said.

Hey, I'm just saying, you know?