Don't Cry for Me Argentina: SC Gov Mark Sanford

This is stunning. On the heels of Sen. John Ensign (Rep. Nev.) revealing an affair with a campaign staffer now comes this: SC Governor Mark Sanford reveals marital infidelity after having been unaccounted for since last week and absent from his family for Father's Day.

His mea culpa was this - the woman, a supposed "dear, dear friend", lives in Argentina and three times over the last year Gov. Sanford jetted down to her lair for liaisons. After being cornered in the Atlanta airport by a reporter he confessed to the trysts. At a news conference later he said that he had spent "the last five days of my life crying in Argentina" and the affair is now over.

This is a blow. Many citizens of South Carolina had backed Gov. Sanford in his stand, on "principle" no less, against what he saw as an out-of-control Federal Monolith that was taxing and spending our country into insolvency and menacing the states into acquiescing to their demands. He had stood against his own State Legislature that had threatened to punt him to the side for his stand against the "you will accept the Federal Stimulus Million$" extortion. I know that seems backwards but the principle of force and intimidation is the same.

Several years back, to prove a point about what a sty the SC legislature had become, he brought in some live bacon and let the piglets loose on the Senate floor. Some folks were appalled but many thought "serves ‘em right".

Governor Sanford had been hailed by citizens from across the country this spring as a true Patriot for his principles. He's been mentioned as a legitimate heavy-weight for the Presidential candidacy in 2012. Well, after this... in a pig's eye.

Gov. Sanford was a light in the darkness. Those that hold to American and Constitutional values have few true leaders to look up to and now...

Another light has gone out. There is only one black comedy commendation to the Governor's confessional new conference - at least he didn't subject his wife and family to his Appian Way press crucifixion unlike NC Senator John Edwards, former NY Governor Elliot Spitzer, et al. At least there was some shame left in the man.

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