Buchanan on Iran protests: It's the Jooooooos

Confirming Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khameni's assertion  that the Israelis --and their Zionist counterparts in the US, the American Jews--are the real masterminds  behind the Iranian unrest is none other than that reliable bigot himself, Pat Buchanan.  Appearing on MSNBC's Morning Joe , he spouts "the Iran protesters are part of the neocon agenda."  Neocon is a code word for former liberals, mainly Jews, who now endorse large--not all--parts of the conservative menu.   

And frankly, I will say it ... Bibi Netanyahu wants the United States to polish off Iran, he calls them the ‘worst regime on Earth' ... I mean, uh, Pipes! ... a neocon, comes out and says ‘I want Ahmadinejad to win!' I mean, why do they want him ... they want a confrontation!

Pipes is Daniel Pipes, a highly respected Mideast analyst who did initially state that he wanted Ahmadinejad to win because, although under the Iranian system of government he has little real power, Mousavi wouldn't be any better and Ahmadinejad has many public relations negatives.  However as the riots in Iran continue, Pipes has publicly changed his mind.  Stating originally  
whoever is elected president, whether Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or his main opponent, Mir Hossein Mousavi, will have limited impact on the issue that most concerns the outside world - Iran's drive to build nuclear weapons, which Khamene'i will presumably continue apace, as he has in prior decades. Therefore, while my heart goes out to the many Iranians who desperately want the vile Ahmadinejad out of power, my head tells me it's best that he remain in office.

But as the Iranian violence continued Pipes began to see hope for positive change. 

The startling events in Iran in the week since the election, however, have transformed Mousavi from a hack Islamist politician into the unlikely symbol of dreams for a more secular and free Iran. In the words of Abbas Milani, my colleague at the Hoover Institution, "If Ahmadinejad survives, it will be on the back of a Tiananmen-style crackdown. If Mousavi prevails, it will be on a wave of reformist sentiment." While that reformist sentiment may not shake the regime  and is unlikely to stop the nuclear weapons program, it does hold out hope for substantial change.   Accordingly, I no longer want Ahmadinejad to serve as president for a second term but prefer Mousavi in that position. Better yet, of course, would be for neither of them to hold power but for the entire fetid Islamic Republic of Iran to collapse. While confident that process is underway. I have no idea if it is weeks or decades ahead. Whatever it requires, Mousavi as president hastens the process. (June 20, 2009)

Mired as he is in bigotry, Buchanan is immune to facts, letting his hatreds guide him so he is unable to admit he is wrong, unable to change.   

Buchanan hat tip:  Little Green Footballs