Biden speaks

The 53%-46% margin of victory that the Democrat President Barack Hussein Obama and his running mate Joe Biden received in the November, 2008 election hasn't stopped them for acting like a bunch of childish crybabies, blaming others for all their problems. 

"It's not my fault, I didn't do it, he did!" is a five year old's response to a broken window but not appropriate for an adult leader of the world to the dangerous situation we're in.   As  former active members, serving as senators in the government they now lead, they were part of the problem.   
Tell that to Biden; along with his superior he is still in five year old crybaby mode.  As reported by Brendan Scott in the New York Post, at a fund raiser in NY Monday night, Biden, referring to New York State's first black, legally blind governor, continuing the administration's pattern of "it's not my fault, he did it" blamed their problems on their inherited situation:

"And Governor, just as your state led in our election, it is our hope that your state leads us out of this mess we inherited. We've been dug into a pretty deep hole."
The highly taxed state of New York has been governed by Democrats for quite awhile; the "pretty deep hole" is of their own making, each successive Democratic governor just taking the taxing  inheritance and spending more.  As for the nation, Obama and Biden inherited a hopeful wind down of Iraq; they seem to be ignoring and mocking the inherited wisdom of strength against nuclear adversaries North Korea and Iran.
But hey, why let facts get in the way?  Apparently they still can't put on their big boy pants.
The ever eager to please vice president
charged headlong into New York state's brewing Democratic civil war last night when loose-tongued Vice President Joe Biden offered Gov. Paterson a seeming endorsement for the 2010 gubernatorial race.

"Your once and future governor of the state of New York has been extremely generous to Barack and to me and has been a major part of us trying to put this economy back together," Biden said at a party fund-raiser with Paterson. (snip)  Biden's remarks came a day after Paterson's presumed chief Democratic rival, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, told party faithful at gathering in Westchester that primary fights can be "very productive."

 Meanwhile, New York State has a huge budget gap that will probably be enlarged as talk of even more taxes spurs those residents and businesses who can, to flee the state.  But don't  tell that to Biden--as long as the "once and future governor of the state of New York has been extremely me" who cares?