Another 'reformed' terrorist released from Gitmo arrested for terrorism

Last week the Pentagon reported that one out of every seven released Gitmo detainees returns to terrorism.  So while the other six have certainly peacefully returned to curing cancer or tenderly caring for their sheep, the Jerusalem Post reports on the one terrorist who is giving all the other sweet innocents a bad name. 
Of the four terrorists recently arrested in Jordan and charged with planning terrorist attacks against Israel because they all were furious that Israel decided to defend itself from constant bombardment one of them, Abu Kabir, had been imprisoned at Guantanamo for several years.  
Will that be his defense, Gitmo made him do it?  Somehow I don't think the Jordanians will be receptive to this argument.  And  I also don't think they'll be much influenced by recommendations from Human Wrongs Watch and Amnesty International for Terrorists that Kabir suffered so much in Gitmo that he isn't responsible for his actions.