Wright and Ayers headline anti-Israeli hate fest

 According to a report by Tara Malone in the Chicago Tribune, President Barack Obama's (D) two casual best buds, Rev Jeremiah Wright  Jr and William Ayers, got together over the week end for the first time since the November, 2008 election  with a group called  the Committee for a Just Peace in Israel and Palestine, to discuss their version of a just peace. 

And just what do  the Obama barely-knew-them, didn't-listen-to-him-for-twenty-years acquaintances think  are the solutions for this "just peace"? Rev Wright summed it up in one sentence.  

Wright drew parallels between Trinity's part in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa and the current campaign to bring about peace in the Mideast. 

Oh, the apartheid that has driven most Jews and Christians out of Arab and Muslim lands and where the remaining live as dhimmis ( inferior beings) with limited rights and major restrictions?  Hmmm, this is not what they meant. 

Calling on years of bigoted preaching that our now president claims he didn't hear, Wright deliberately and erroneously references Israel and apartheid. And the big lies continued  during this event. 

Calling up phony ghosts that don't exist but turn them into brave--albeit--safe phony martyrs, the (un)just peace group smirked
"We can't be squelching viewpoints because they are unpopular or because someone has a reputation through Fox News," said spokeswoman Caren Levy Van Slyke.  
Oh dear, of course not.  Squelching or mocking viewpoints that are popular or are voiced on Fox News through distortion is perfectly acceptable though.     

So much for a just peace; Obama's friends are voices for an unjust peace with Israel as the victim.