What did Bibi tell Obama? (updated)

Something along these lines?   

Dear Mr. President. The Jewish people had in their 4000 year old history been expelled twice from their land and had returned twice. More than a third of the world Jewish population of 1939, 6 out of 17 million, perished in the Holocaust.

This time we will not let it happen. The Iranian threat is real and imminent. We cannot rely on anyone else even assessing the real danger we are under since we are the prime target, even less so can we expect anyone to protect us. The very existence of our country is at stake. We as a country would not survive several nuclear blasts on our territory. We have to destroy the Iranian nuclear sites before they destroy us.  That is our only choice.  

Whatever consequences of the Iranian conventional retaliation to the US interests this preemptive strike would create, I can assure you, it would be incomparably less than the consequences for the US a nuclear war with Israel would cause if the Iranians get the Bomb. Some believe that the Iranian leadership would become rational when it gets the Bomb. We do not share that view. Only in the last 13 years there have been 148 Palestinian suicide bombers, so we have ample proof of the workings of the fanatical religious Sunni jihadi mind. The Iranian Shia jihadists want to through a nuclear war and the destruction of Israel trigger the return of the Mahdi, the Hidden 12th Imam. As Bernard Lewis pointed out, for the Iranian mindset mutual assured destruction is an inducement. The whole country can become a nuclear suicide bomber.

Mr. President, we have no other choice. You do. You can help us, do nothing, or try to stop us. We will fight on. Instead of the air force we would use ballistic missiles. If you try to stop us you may become the indirect cause of the next catastrophe in Jewish history. That could be your legacy to history and the stain to the history of your great country.

Update -- Richard N. Welyz writes:

Now that the meeting has actually taken place, we know from press reports in such venues as the Jewish Telegraphic Agency and the Associated Press that the dialogue went pretty much as expected. Obama, as reported by the former, insisted that he'd only give diplomacy a time-delimited chance with Iran before taking further steps:

Obama: Won't talk forever on Iran

WASHINGTON (JTA) -- President Obama said he would reassess his policies of engagement with Iran by the end of this year.

Obama, who appeared before reporters Tuesday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after their first White House meeting, also said that the United States was considering all options in dealing with Iran's suspected nuclear weapons program.

"I assured the prime minister that we are not foreclosing a range of steps, including sanctions, in ensuring that Iran understands that we are serious," Obama said, following the 2 1/2-hour meeting, which also included close advisers to both leaders. 

Any question left about Israel and Obama's bus?  Only in the minds of the blindest liberal Jews who helped elect this messianic egotist with his Muslim sympathies. The true Israel-haters are laughing up their sleeves with what they've accomplished by putting this Manchurian candidate into the White House.

Israel's friends can only hope that, after Obama has run out of what little credibility he has on the Iran/Israel situation,. that a leader like Bibi will have the guts and the will to take military action -- even unilaterally -- that can set back Iran's nuclear and missile programs by at least a few years. As my late grandaunt of blessed memory used to say, "What can he do, call us pishers?"
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