Welcome to the Banana Republic Club

Welcome the latest entry into the Banana Republic Club: The United States of America.  And how did the USA get admitted you ask?  Here are just a few of the achievements that garnered it entry into this "well respected" club.

1. Threatening to throw the previous administration officials into jail over a political disagreement - check
No truth commission has anything on Nancy "I wasn't paying attention" Pelosi.

2. Rewarding political cronies with government largess - check
Wagyu steak and TARP money dished out post haste!

3. Helping cover up or disregard corruption of your political friends - check
Department of Labor simply ignores reporting requirements with a blunt "Who needs to know" explanation.

4. Punish your political enemies and try to brand their ideas as illegal - check
Voila! DHS responds with a domestic terrorist warning.

5. Disregard for any law that gets in the way of political expediency - check
From the Constitution to bankruptcy law, nothing is sacred.

All of these items are de rigeur for the usual 2 bit dictator and now they are for US politics.  It is obvious that Obama has learned well from his adopted home town; the "Chicago way" is evident througout.  Congratulations to the President and the Congress for their accomplishment.  It takes dedication and a special type of hypocrisy to be both a law maker and a law teacher with such a healthy disregard for law.