Warmist infighting reveals the folly of ethanol

Those of us who believe Global Warming is a huge scam designed to profit those interests pushing it as "consensus science" just got a big boost from a powerful Democrat committee chairman in the House of Representatives.

Rep. Collin Peterson, a Democrat representing a rural Minnesota constituency and chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, has told the Obama administration he will not support climate change legislation. Regrettably, it is not skepticism over the unproven modeling at the basis of the climate predictions, but rather the threat of uncovering the folly of using ethanol to reduce carbon emissions motivating him. Feedstuffs.com reports:

"I'm off the train," Peterson said May 6 during a strongly worded statement at a hearing on the Environmental Protection Agency's new proposal for assessing indirect effects of ethanol production on greenhouse gas emissions. Peterson predicted that the EPA proposal, combined with the climate change legislation under consideration, could "kill off corn ethanol."

Peterson said, "I will not support any kind of climate change bill -- even if you fix this -- because I don't trust anybody anymore. I've had it."

Peterson said his position was not negotiable. "I don't have any confidence. The only way I would consider supporting any climate change legislation would be if it was ironclad that these agencies had no ability to do any rulemaking of any kind whatsoever ... (that) we could be absolutely guaranteed that these folks would not get involved," he said.

The mandated use of ethanol for auto fuel has driven up corn process, benefitting Peterson's constituents as it starves the poor overseas. Ethanol processing and transportation uses a high amount of energy (with associated emissions), and requires a large amount of land be devoted to production for fuel.

Obviously, a sincere warmist would want to understand the actual full impact of ethanol production and use. And someone interested in fattening the special interests he protects would not be interested in a full discussion. Just like Al Gore, with his massive investment ibn companies that would profit from carbon trading schemes.

With warmists, it always pays to follow the money.

Hat tip: Mark Morano, Climate Depot