WaPo: Obama now owns Air Force One

Legacy media sycophancy may have reached new heights Wednesday as the WaPo declared that Air Force One now actually belongs to the Big O. In an article about a Las Vegas fund raiser for Harry Reid, the WaPo reported,  "Reid welcomed the president to town, greeting his Air Force One at the airport ahead of an evening that featured singers Sheryl Crow and Bette Midler." (Emphasis added.)

This unannounced change in ownership could also go a long way toward explaining the recent use of 'Obama's' Air Force One to take a joy ride around New York City's skyscrapers, setting off a panic among at least some of the folks who haven't forgotten 9/11.

And, if the article inadvertently described Air Force One as "his", it's understandable; after all, Obama now owns much of the finance and auto industries, with potentially more on the way.

WaPo and other fawning media outlets were also sure to include in their coverage Reid's declaration that, "the best part of Barack Obama is his heart is bigger than any heart in the world."

Either hyperbolic derriere-kissing or an indication that the Big O should get to a cardiologist. Soon.
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