Waiting for Obama's Godot?

So where are we now, after the Netanyahu Obama meeting?  Waiting for Obama's Godot to show up?..  No. We wait until one of these two things happens:

 - One day ( this is the optimistic version) there will be an announcement on the radio that  Iran had just tested its nuclear warhead somewhere in Iran. 

 - Or the radio will announce that the IAF had just bombed Iranian nuclear sites. The pessimistic version of the former  is that I never hear about  Iranian test -- the bomb  just explodes 500 meters over my head.

We often perceive  history through black and white images of documentaries seen on the TV years ago. I cannot remember when I saw what and in what country. Hitler pacing in front of the train car (same one as in Nov 1918) waiting  to accept France's capitulation in June 1940 . Roosevelt delivering his Date that Will Live in Infamy speech. Robert Oppenheimer quoting Bhagavad Gita. Nehru , Lord Mountbatten and Edwina posing for cameras during the transition. Lenin speaking to the masses.  Sharon's tanks crossing the Suez.

But these were events about other people, years ago, about people who are long dead, most  in places I have never been to. We are now waiting for something to happen that will directly impact  ME, my family, my six year old  son just back from a judo lesson. This is real. It will happen. The question is only when.

What can I do about it?  When the administration is staffed with people who never read a book by Ibn Warraq or  Robert Spencer or the Koran or the hadiths?  What can I do about it when I am by now quite  embarrassed  to listen to the top politicians  repeat nonsense about the Middle East, about peace plans and peace processes, repeating the same failed policies which have failed a  dozen times before for the very same reason . But this time it is not Leonid  Brezhnev  speaking about the success of the next harvest but US
Secretary of State talking how  the  United States should try to gradually change the attitudes of Hamas members. It is not Alexei Kosygin declaring the latest jump in steel manufacturing, it is General James Jones declaring the that there are a "  lot of things that you can do to diminish that existential  threat [against Israel by Iran] by working hard towards achieving a two-state solution".

Since when have we permitted the level of discourse to be dominated by ignorant politicians without them being challenged? If General Jones had said that the Moon is a cube  and not a sphere surely someone in the show would have protested. But surely the link between the two state solution and the Mahdi inspired  reason for the elimination of Israel by the Iranian mullahs is as preposterous. 

What can I do about it?  The American Jews would have taken more note if we were talking about saving the whales.  They may take note the day the bomb explodes over Be'er Sheva.  They might remember Abraham.  They won't need to. The IAF announcement will come first.

Ten days from now there will be a nation wide drill in Israel, a week long.  We will hear the sirens again. At least this part of the Jewish world is wide awake.