The risk of giving money to Hamas

The Obama administration has been promoting a Palestinian unity government between Fatah and Hamas. The administration has asked for 900 million dollars in additional aid for the Palestinians to help rebuild Gaza (ruled by Hamas).

The administration has also dismissed concerns that money would flow to the Hamas terror group by pointing out, that aid has been given to Lebanon, despite Hezbollah members being in the government. This was supposedly supposed to reassure the Israelis by leading them to believe that money could go to Lebanon but not in a way that would help Hezbollah. Thus, the Israelis should trust that the money going to the Palestinian government would not help terror groups.


Well..the reality from Lebanon is that the money that flowed to Lebanon - tax payer money - has reportedly been used to strengthen Hezbollah and facilitated the capture and destruction of an Israeli spy ring that was monitoring Hezbollah.


Chew on that next time Hillary Clinton or the administration tries to promote aid to the Palestinains.